Make It! Brush Free Painted Pots

Get a little messy and give herbs some ‘pizzaz’ , with this great little brush FREE craft activity.

Everyone loves a handmade gift, especially when it’s been made by a little person. A gorgeous little handcrafted gift for Father’s Day, that will have pride of place next to Dad’s BBQ!



– 1 x plastic cover for table
– 1 x plastic container lid
– 1 x uncoated terracotta pot
– container baby wipes or wet cloth
– 3 x paint (recommended non toxic)
– 1 x herb plant or seedling


Make it!

1. Squeeze a generous amount of paint onto a plastic container (feel free to mix the colours around). Use a non-toxic paint.

2. Have your little gardener stand on the paint filled plastic container, so that paint covers the base of their foot. Assist them to sit on a chair to decrease paint being spread every where!

3. Hold the terracotta pot to their foot and get them to push down (firm enough to leave a print). Once complete, wipe the base of the foot with baby wipes or a wet cloth to remove excess paint.

4. Finger painting time! Yes it’s a bit messy, but so much fun!

5. Do a final wipe down of little fingers and toes.

6. Visit your local garden expert to purchase some lovely edible herbs or flowers for your pot.

NOTE:  you will need to seal the pot with a clear glaze, available at any good hardware store, if you plan to water the plants in the container. Otherwise the paint will run.


Learning is FUN!

Occupational Therapist Nicole Grant from Gateway Therapies states:

“this is a great activity for promoting propriception (position of body in space) as well as hand eye coordination and motor control.
This is a great activity for “sensory seekers” and for kids who love to involve their whole bodies in creative play.”


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