Make it! Cottage Garden Seed Bomb Favours | Airdry Clay Method

Cottage Garden Seed Bomb Favours - Clay Method DIY step-by-step instructional aboutthegarden

Eco friendly, fun and totally adorable, Cottage Garden Seed Bombs are a wonderful party favour or small gift you can hand make for under a $1 each (under $2 if wrapping individually). No great skill is required, just a willingness to get your hands a little dirty!

What are Seed Bombs?

Seed bombs are round balls made up of seeds, potting mix and in this instructional, airdry clay. They are super fun, just throw them into a barren spot in the garden or that vacant lot you’ve been looking at for the last several months and fill it with colour.

No care is required with seed bombs, the idea is that they germinate on their own to become a delightful floral display.

Here’s how to make your own!


  • Air dry clay
  • Searles Premium Potting Mix
  • Searles Seed Packet 
  • Fabric (cut into 18cmx18cm square lots)
  • Ribbon
  • Tags to explain how to use

How to Make Cottage Flower Seed Bombs

Step 1: Moulding Air Dry Clay

Pinch off enough air-dry clay to make a sphere approximately 2.5cm diameter. Model the clay into a bowl shape.

Step 2: Adding the Seeds

Add a pinch of seeds to each clay bowl. If a mixed seed packet, remember to mix the seed varieties, it’s always a good idea to have large seeds with smaller seeds as these assist in breaking apart the clay.

cottage garden seed bomb favours using airdry clay method searles potting mix Steps 1 and 2

Step 3: Searles Premium Potting Mix

Fill each clay bowl with a good teaspoon of Searles Premium Potting Mix, then pinch two sides of the clay bowl together and fold over itself, striving to blend and kneed as much of the potting mix and seeds into the airdry clay. Roll into a sphere when complete.

Step 4: Outer Coating

It’s a good idea to give your seed bombs an outer coating of Searles Premium Potting Mix. Simply roll the clay sphere in the palm of you hand with the potting mix.

cottage garden seed bomb favours using airdry clay method searles potting mix steps 3 & 4 #craft #DIY #children #garden #aboutthegarden.com.au.com.au

Step 5: Seed Bomb Favour Presentation

Fabric is a lovely choice for the presentation of Cottage Garden Seed Bombs. Best of all as fabric breaths you can wrap your bombs immediately after you’ve made them and not have to wait for them to dry out.

Sit the bomb in the middle of the square of fabric and simple tie in place with a ribbon. A little tag makes for a lovely finishing touch. 

cottage garden seed bomb favours using airdry clay method searles potting mix Step 5 #craft #DIY #children #garden #aboutthegarden.com.au.com.au

Supply quantities used to make 50 individually wrapped Cottage Flower Seed Bombs:

  • 6 Packets Searles Cottage Garden Seeds
  • 3 Cups Searles Premium Potting Mix
  • 3kg Airdry Clay
  • Approximately 2 meter fabric material
  • Approximately 3 meters ribbon

Why not try making Sunflower Seed Bombs!

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