2 great ideas for watering your pot plants when you go on holidays

 two great tips for watering pot plants whilst your on holidays

There is nothing more disappointing then coming home from holidays to find your pot plants shriveled into crispy piles of organic matter and having to make the sad walk to the compost bin to say good bye. But there is hope ….. try one of these great ideas to keep your pot plants watered & happy whilst you’re away!

Recycled drip bottle water feeder

Fill recycled plastic bottles with water and pierce a small hole in the lids. Turn the bottle upside-down and bury it neck-deep in the soil next to your plant. The water will slowly trickle out over a period of time and will help ‘water’ your plant while you are away.
Recycled bottles you can use: milk bottle, spring water bottles, soft drink bottles & juice bottles. The BIGGER the BETTER! Opt for 1 to 2 litre bottles if heading away for more than a week.

Give them a bath

The bath tub can become a safe refuge for your indoor plants when you go away on holidays. Place your plants in the tub (still in their pots) and fill the tub with about 1cm of water. Plants should be able to live happily in this situation for as long as 3 weeks.

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