New Release Rose Winter 2016

New Release 2016 Roses for winter in Australia #aboutthegardenma
These new release roses combine the charm and fragrance of old roses with the wider colour range and repeat flowering of modern roses, all for an Australian climate.

‘Tranquillity’ Rose- David Austin

Beautifully shaped blooms with neatly placed petals that make up perfect rosettes. The opening buds are lightly tinged yellow at first, later becoming pure white. The growth is vigorous, upright and bushy. It is almost thornless and very healthy. Light ‘apple’ fragrance. 1.3 x 1m. See above photo.


‘Dark Desire’ Hybrid Tea Rose- Treloar

The intense fragrance encompasses classic notes of rose that are enhanced with a touch of lemon and a base note of rose geranium.

The bush is quite upright with vigorous growth to approximately 1m x 60cm wide and is very disease tolerant.


‘Coconut Ice’ Floribunda Rose – Treloar

A gorgeous bi-colour of beautiful musk pink with a soft white on the reverse of each petal. The neat, upright bush grows to around 1.2m producing firm stems that hold clusters of three to five full blooms with strong petals. Resistant to disease.


‘Wollerton Old Hall’ – David Austin

It is one of the most fragrant of all the David Austin Roses with an intensely floral scent in the myrrh family with hints of apricot. It forms a particularly healthy, upright, bushy shrub with few thorns. It can be grown either as a large shrub of around 1.6 x 1.25m or up to 3m as a climber. I have dreamy chalice-shaped blooms of soft apricot which pale to cream.

New Release 2016 Roses for winter in Australia varieties #aboutt




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