New Season Salvias – ‘Go Go’ Scarlet’ & ‘Go Go’ Purple

Salvias planting care in Australia Go Go Scarlet #aboutthegarden
All salvias are great bloomers and most varieties bloom all year round. Here are two new release varieties to have in your garden this spring. 

Salvias ‘Go-Go’ Purple & ‘Go-Go’ Scarlet (PBR)

Flowering: These plants are as the name suggests, they are a go-go with flowers continuously.

Habit: These sterile plants will live for two to three years and with attention keep sending up flower spikes all year long.

Size: 60cm W x 120cm H

Position: They are hardy in most situations liking strong light to grow and flower to their best. Plant them for formal and informal positions and patios where they can be enjoyed.

Features: Use them for formal and informal plantings, patio and terrace plantings and large pots. In mixed garden plantings they hold their own with their large plume like heads of bracts and flowers showing amongst the shrubs around them.

Care: Keep them moist and deadhead spent flowers to encourage more flowering. Fertilise during flowering season with Searles Flourish liquid plant food. This bush can be pruned to desired size, preferably after main flush on flowering.

For more information on these bright little beauties visit www.aussiewinners.com.au

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