Occupational Therapist – Nicole Grant

Gateway Therapies is owned and managed by Occupational Therapist, Nicole Grant in Brisbane, Australia. Nicole has experience working with both adults and children, but in the past few years has focussed on paediatrics, and particularly enjoys working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Nicole has formal training in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), but uses a range of intervention strategies, depending on the specific needs and goals for each child. Intervention or treatment strategies frequently adopted include Social Stories (TM), chaining, visual schedules/ aids, modelling, and role-playing.

Nicole is a mother of two, and understands the importance of considering the needs and wants of all members of the family when establishing therapy goals. Parents and siblings are welcome to participate in therapy sessions where appropriate.


– Bachelor of Science with a Major in Applied Psychology, University of Southern Queensland, 2001
– Master of Occupational Therapy Studies, University of Queensland, 2002
– Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate), University of Queensland, 2013


Additional Certification and Training
– Advanced Facilitated Communication (FC)
– Inclusive Music Making Workshop (Music Therapy)
– Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
– Makaton Training (Module One)


We asked Nicole, what were three (3) Fun Facts about you most people wouldn’t know?

–  I love playing Tennis, but have not managed to graduate from the beginner’s class although I’ve been receiving lessons for 3 years.
–  I love playing the piano, and am trying to coerce my husband to play alongside with his guitar, while the children sing. I have aspirations to be the next Von Trapp family.
– One of my first jobs was at a Kebab shop. I rolled kebabs while wearing a brightly coloured vest and turkish hat!

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