Part 2: How To Grow Potted Lemon Trees

 part two how to grow lemon trees in pots Australia

As housing blocks become smaller, potted lemon is becoming an excellent option for homeowners to still enjoy homegrown produce.

In Part 1: How to Grow Potted Lemon Tree, we looked at some general information on how to get started (such as pot selection etc), here is further advice to help you get the most from your potted lemon tree. 

Select the right lemon tree and pot

• Select a dwarf variety of lemon tree, such as ‘Lots A’ Lemons’.

• Select a pot not less than 40cm wide for your new citrus tree. After a couple of years, it will probably need repotting into a 60cm pot. Your tree should then happily remain in its pot, but replace the potting mix every few years if the tree starts to look tired.

Use the right potting mix

• Fill the pot about one third with Searles Premium Potting Mix. Water the new tree thoroughly, remove it from its original pot, place it in its new pot and fill in the rest with potting mix.

Potted Lemon Tree Care & Maintenance 

• Potted lemon trees require daily watering until establishment and should be watered regularly while growing. Once the plant is fully established it should only require watering 2–3 times a week.

• Potted lemon trees (like all citrus) require substantial sunlight and a full sun position. The beauty of pot culture is that it allows plants the advantage of mobility. A potted lemon tree can be grown on a balcony as long as it has a good aspect to the north, east or west, from which it can receive direct sunlight for at least 5 hours every day. (North of Brisbane, a north-facing balcony will be in shade for most of the summer, during which time the tree may need to be moved to a more favourable position such as an east or west balcony or a sunny position away from the house.) 

• Many citrus trees will bear fruit within the first year of purchase. This will happen during the fruiting season which is usually in winter. Removal of the first and second season of fruit will redirect the tree’s energy and nutrients towards growth and establishment of the tree. The result is a stronger tree that will produce heavier crops in subsequent seasons.

• Adequate water and nutrients (a handful of Searles 5 IN 1 Fruit & Flower Fertiliser every 3 months) will ensure strong growth.

 seven tips for growing potted lemon trees in australia

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Updated: 04.02.2015

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