Citrus Leafminer – insects on plants

The presence of Citrus leafminer can be identified by the silvery lines it leaves on leaves. These are the tunnels left by the larvae as they ‘mine’ their way through the insides of the leaf. When the larvae are fully grown, they curl the leaf edges shelter inside the curled section and emerge as adult moths. Leafminers can cause a lot of damage to trees, especially in young trees. Severely distorted leaves stop photosynthesis and the plant suffers. Watch out for these pests mainly in summer and autumn. 

To control citrus leafminer, use an oil-based spray like Searles Pest Gun, spraying the affected foliage only. Coating the leaves with the oily spray will deter adult moths from using the leaves as a breeding ground. Keep a close monitor for more activity and spray again whenever new leaf damage is spotted.

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