Plant watering tips for any garden

Simple watering tips to follow for garden success. 


• Water when appropriate. Don’t overwater your plants, however, if unsure of whether your plant needs watering you can always stick your finger into the soil to see how moist it is.

• The most effective times to water are in the mornings and the afternoons so that the heat of the day doesn’t evaporate the water you’ve just used.

• Avoid watering plants that are susceptible to diseases in the evening, such as roses, tomatoes & cucurbits. When watering, only water around the roots, avoiding the leaves as moisture on leaves can cause fungal diseases to form.

• Ensure that the soil around your potted plants hasn’t dried out as the pot can easily heat up and dry out the soil quicker than in a garden bed.

• Check to see whether your pots are draining properly or not. If not, ensure that there are large enough holes for that extra water to seep through or the pot is lifted off the ground, so that the pot doesn’t capture all that water and drown your plant.

• Water soil before applying mulch so that the mulch doesn’t absorb all the water and keep the soil dry.

• If utilising a hose to water your plants, ensure that you use a trigger nozzle with a multitude of holes to evenly spread out the water coverage, preventing the topsoil or mulch from being blasted away.

• If the soil has become hard and compact from long periods of dry causing the soil to repel water, sprinkle Searles Penetraide Re-Wetting Granules onto the soil to allow the water to soak back into the soil.

• Utilising drip irrigation systems can be an effective method of watering as it allows the plant to be watered at regular intervals, allowing the plant to receive the right amount of water over a longer period of time so it isn’t drenched within a short period of time.

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