Planting a Poolside Garden 6 Things to Consider

Building a garden poolside 6 things to consider

For many of us, a swimming pool in the backyard is synonymous with the great Australian lifestyle and complementing your pool with stylish gardens will enhance your enjoyment of it, year after year.

For the most successful result it’s as important to make sure your pool blends with surrounding landscaping and to use poolside plants that grow happily beside the water’s edge as it is to choose the right pool shape or tile colour. Planning is key.

6 Things to consider before you start:

1. Time; If you prefer to be in your pool rather than maintaining its perimeters, it’s best to select poolside plants that are easy-care and of high visual impact.

2. Toughness; Plants should be tough enough to tolerate either salty or chlorinated water spray and to take the likely wear and tear of foot traffic.

3. Privacy;  If your looking to create a private oasis and screen out the neighbours there are many beautiful screening plants are perfect for this application.

4. Cleaning; To prevent debris falling in the water, it’s best to avoid shrubby hedging plants that need pruning to shape near the water’s edge.

5. Space; If square meterage is limited consider utilising the space with climbing plants, pots or even transforming into a productive herb garden.

6. Landscaping; Pools take up more ground in our increasingly space-limited yards, they become a sensory dimension to outdoor entertainment and family living areas. Optimise the space.

About Noel Burdette

Well known for his passion for cottage gardens, unusual and rare plants and naturalistic garden design. Noel eagerly encourages fellow garden enthusiasts to broaden their horizons when creating their own gardens. Noel has been a regular contributor for About the Garden since 2006 and is a regular garden presenter at various horticultural societies, clubs and gardening events through southeast Queensland. Noel occasionally stands in for Annette McFarlane on radio 612 ABC for gardening talkback and is a presenter on the community gardening television program “Blooming in Brisbane”( Digital 31) . On request, Noel also offers a private garden consultation and design service. Whenever Noel has the opportunity, he can be found eagerly tending to his own garden “Wildside” which is highly focused on healthy ecology and plant diversity.



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