Planting and growing hedge and screening tips

Modern plants for hedges and screening #aboutthegardenmagazine.i

Choosing the right hedging plant for the right location will set you up for success. Here is a ‘how to guide’ to planting, growing and pruning hedges. 


Choosing a hedging plant

When choosing a plant variety, consider the height and width you want the hedge at its final size, and choose a plant variety that will match this. Consider the position of your hedge. Choose a sun loving plant for a hedge in a sunny position.

For a low compact hedge, small leaf varieties are more suitable. Larger hedges can be more forgiving to larger leaf varieties.


List of hedging and screening plants -> click here


How far apart do I plant each plant for a hedge?

Generally, apply the distance principle of 3 high x 1 apart.

For example: for the desired hedge height of 3 metres, plant each shrub 1m apart. If you desire a hedge to join together earlier, plant at the ratio 2:1.


How to trim a hedge?

Regular trimming is required to promote compact new growth and keep the shape of the hedge.

Always use a clean sharp set of pruners or secateurs. Sharp blades will cut the foliage and stems cleanly, giving your hedge a cleaner trim and reduce the risk of plant diseases.

If practical, don’t prune on the hottest of days or the coolest. Your hedge is more susceptible to the weather conditions after pruning.

If you want a straighter looking hedge. Mount a string line at each end of the hedge at the desired height to give you a guideline.

Most fine leaved hedges can be pruned with pruners, but if your hedge has larger leaves, use a pair of secateurs and trim by cutting the tall and wayward stems off first then continue with the smaller stems.


How to keep the health of hedges?

Constant pruning of hedges removes energy from the plant, which will need to be replenished. Fertilise regularly with a controlled release fertiliser specially designed for your plant type for slow continued growth. Slow release fertilisers will give your plants sustainable nutrition for longer so you won’t be out in your garden pruning every weekend.

When establishing a new hedge, prepare the ground by digging into the existing soil 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser for complete nutrient uptake over many months or plant into Searles Native Plant Specialty Mix for natives.


When do I water hedges?

Refer to the watering requirements on your plant’s label. While the hedge is growing fast into its shape, water regularly to keep up with its growing pace. Slow watering down a little if you want to reduce the hedge growth or when hedge is established. 


Modern plants for hedges and screening #aboutthegardenmagazine.i

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