6 Plants with Grass-like Foliage

6 grass-like foliage plants for summer #aboutthegarden

Whether you’re after the contemporary look or just want some structure and texture in your garden, plants with grass-like foliage tick all the right boxes and most are super tough.

1. Lomandra ‘Silver Grace’

Lomandra ‘Silver Grace’ is a fast-growing native grass with fine, silvery foliage and plumes of yellow, fragrant flowers in summer. Very hardy, it takes hot, dry conditions but also temperatures below -3 ̊C. Great for sustainable gardens, it can prevent erosion and creates habitat for small animals and birds. Hardy in landscaping, borders, pots or coastal plantings. Plant in full sun or part shade and feed with Searles Native Plant Food.

2. Anigozanthos ‘Ruby Slippers’

Anigozanthos ‘Ruby Slippers’ is a fast-growing kangaroo paw which loves open, sunny garden beds and is stunning when planted in drifts. It also grows well in pots. The fiery red flowers appear in late winter and spring and its strappy foliage is attractive all year round. Best in regions with low summer humidity, feed it with Searles Native Plant Food in spring or late summer.

3. Lomandra ‘Lime Divine’

Lomandra ‘Lime Divine’ is a native grass with soft, fine, graceful weeping foliage. It forms an elegant clump up to 30cm high and 60cm wide and tolerates light frost. Outstanding in the garden or in a container, plant it in full sun or part shade along pathways or in landscaping. Bright yellow flowers add an extra, subtle interest. This plant has low water needs and grows in most soils. Feed it in late summer with Searles Native Plant Food.

4. Pennisetum var. rubrum

Pennisetum var. rubrum is a foxtail grass that won’t take over your yard. The striking, burgundy foliage looks stunning among plants with grey or yellow-toned foliage. The foxtail-like flower plumes are a lovely shade of pink. Grow it in a sunny location for foliage to be at its best colour — too much shade will send it green. It will tolerate dry conditions but looks its best with some water and TLC. Cut back hard to ground level if your clumps start to look untidy.

5. Lomandra ‘Frosty Top’ 

Lomandra ‘Frosty Top’ is a compact, lightly- weeping native grass with fine, grey-green foliage and silver-frosted new growth which grows up to 25 high and 60cm wide. Yellow flowers appear in spring and summer. Low maintenance and tolerant of frost and coastal conditions, give it full sun or part shade and a well-drained soil. It also makes an excellent container plant. Feed it with Searles Kickalong Native Plant Food. 

6. Dianella ‘Cherry Red’

Dianella ‘Cherry Red’ is a lovely, native lily which forms grassy clumps (about 75cmH x 75cm wide) with broad, strappy foliage. Lavender flowers appear in spring, followed by violet-blue berries in summer. Give it sun to full shade and regular moisture. Grow it in containers, along pathways or in landscaping. Feed in late summer with Searles Native Plant Food and trim spent flower stems to keep it neat. Tolerates drought and frost.

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