Poolside Gardens for Small Spaces

Vertical and potted poolside gardens for small spaces

Swimming pools require a significant portion of our increasingly space-limited backyards, however this does not mean the pool area has to be void of plant life, you can still have a splash and enjoy the colour too! 


Consider making the most of vertical walls and fence lines with densely foliaged, evergreen climbing plants such as Chinese star jasmine (Trachelospurmum jasminoides) or Honeysuckle ‘Purpurea’ (Lonicera japonica).

In cooler climates, the latter can be substituted with one of the many native Pandorea jasminoides species available such as the white flowered cultivar, ‘Lady Di’. Use a sturdy lattice framework for the climbers to grow onto so they will not interfere with any fence lines. Attach the lattice between posts and then trim it to the perimeters of the framework.


If the whole area around the pool is paved and a little extra space is available, planting into large pots can be very effective. A set of pots that are all the same colour and style will usually have the most visual impact. Plant an assortment of plants in each one or better still, stick to an individual species that can be repeated in each pot.

Good choices include Brazilian jasmine (Dipladenia sp.), Bambino (dwarf) bougainvillea, Geranium (ivy or zonal) (pelargonium sp.), French lavender (Lavendula dentata), bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) or water wise succulents such as century plant (Agave attenuata), flowering aloe hybrids or money plant (Crassula ovata) (broad leaf form).

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