Prepare home and garden for summer home parties

Prepare home and garden for summer garden parties in Australia #

Summer is a time when many of us take advantage of the longer day light hours, summer holiday season, sunny days and overdue catch ups with friends and family who you have promised to see all year. Check out these great tips to get your outdoor entertaining area looking its best. Many of these tips can be completed with a minimum of fuss. Lets get started…

Remove unwanted items

Easy way to simplify backyard and patio areas, create extra space and look instantly cleaner is to remove unwanted and unused items. Be strong! If you don’t use it, give it away to someone who will. Send it to a recycling depot or post on social media as a giveaway. Simplifying your area will prompt a re-think of your reclaimed space.

Prune, edge and mow

Now the clutter has been cleared, you can see what gardening jobs need to be done. Mow lawns with a catcher so you don’t have lawn clipping killing the grass. Clean up garden lawn edges a few days before friends and family arrive. This will give the lawn time to bounce back after a shearing. Remove dead branches and plants. It is better to see a gap in the garden bed than a dead plant. Deadhead spent flower heads to encourage more flowers to bloom. Liquid fertilise every two weeks to keep flowers blooming and promote more lush foliage.


One very easy way to hide garden beds’ soil unevenness and make plants pop out of the garden is to mulch. Not only does it protect soil and plant roots from the summer sun it will eventually decay and provide the soil with extra nutrients for the following year. Searles Premium Garden Mulch is an attractive dark mulch that also feeds and rewets soils for many months beyond. Other attractive mulches, such as, sugar cane and cypress mulch are quick to apply. Pebbles can be used, but they don’t break down and can absorb heat. Pebbles are effective in smaller areas around patio edging and in areas to create visual effect.

Garden paths

Spend some time to pressure clean garden paths, robust outdoor furniture and house walls. If you don’t feel that energetic, call in a professional. You will be surprised how bright and new old pathways can look after a good clean. If you are repainting pathways, use a non slip paint. There are also decorative pathway pattern stencils available from hardware stores to create texture along your pathway and add a fresh accent to the surrounding gardens.

Prepare home and garden for summer garden parties in Australia #

Revamp garden furniture

Give wooden timber chairs and tables a quick sand back and restain to restore them to their former youth. Pressure clean or soak and brush outdoor furniture fabrics to remove mould and presents the birds have left for you.

Prepare home and garden for summer garden parties in Australia #

Invite the feathered guests

An easy way to add a feature area and encourage the wildlife is to install a bird feeder, bird bath or nesting box where it is easily accessible to birds but safe from prey.

Table top greenery

Liven up patio tables with a pot of colour. Visit your local gardening outlet for ideas on ideal plants to use for smaller spaces and table top presentations. Before friends drop by, decorate the table with cuttings from your garden. Be creative, even branches be can made into a tabletop feature.

Prepare home and garden for summer garden parties in Australia #

Make an entrance

Your front entrance gives a first and lasting impression. Make front of house areas inviting for your guests. Remove any over grown vine or tree branches away from pathways. Relocate dirty boots and shoes from the front door before guests arrive. Add some potted colour or a pair of matching pots with stunning feature plants to frame the front door. Replace the old door mat.

Prepare home and garden for summer garden parties in Australia #

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