Recipe Fresh Mint Tea

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Mint Tea is a beautifully refreshing fragrant beverage, that is calorie free and known to settle minor stomach aches and nausea. Making it a great morning pick-me-up!

How to Make refreshing Mint Tea


1 Cup of mint leaves (picked from stem)….adjust this quantity dependent on the intensity of flavour you desire & size of Tea Pot.

4 Cups of boiling water 


STEP 1. Chop fresh mint leaves roughly.

STEP 2. Place the leaves in a pot

STEP 3. Pour boiling water over the leaves.

STEP 4. Steep for 3 minutes

STEP 5. Discard leaves. Pour into teacups and enjoy!

Other ideas!

– Add a little sugar (or honey) into the steeped tea & place in fridge for a refreshing cold beverage.

– Add chopped mint to salads. 

In your garden

Opt for organic options where possible in the care of your mint, we recommend using Searles SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid, as this product is a fertiliser which also stimulates the plants natural resistance to insect & disease attack.

Beyond its culinary appeal – Mint foliage emits a wonderful minty fragrance  when crushed or walked on in the garden.  A great ground cover around garden paths!

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