Recipe Fresh Mint Tea

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Mint Tea is a beautifully refreshing fragrant beverage, that is calorie free and known to settle minor stomach aches and nausea. Making it a great morning pick-me-up!

How to Make refreshing Mint Tea


1 Cup of mint leaves (picked from stem)….adjust this quantity dependent on the intensity of flavour you desire & size of Tea Pot.

4 Cups of boiling water 


STEP 1. Chop fresh mint leaves roughly.

STEP 2. Place the leaves in a pot

STEP 3. Pour boiling water over the leaves.

STEP 4. Steep for 3 minutes

STEP 5. Discard leaves. Pour into teacups and enjoy!

Other ideas!

– Add a little sugar (or honey) into the steeped tea & place in fridge for a refreshing cold beverage.

– Add chopped mint to salads. 

In your garden

Opt for organic options where possible in the care of your mint, we recommend using Searles SeaMax® Fish & Kelp, as this product is a fertiliser which also stimulates the plants natural resistance to insect & disease attack.

Beyond its culinary appeal – Mint foliage emits a wonderful minty fragrance  when crushed or walked on in the garden.  A great ground cover around garden paths!

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