Searles Flourish Liquid Plant Food Fertiliser

Searles Liquid Plant Food Fertiliser for Healthy Gardens in Aust

Searles Flourish Liquid Plant Food delivers nutrients rapidly to grow BIG beautiful plants.

Searles Flourish® is a blended complete liquid plant food which is formulated to premium specifications and can be used on any plant type in your garden. It provides plants with fast acting nutrients to ensure better growth, flowering and fruiting. Recommended by experts and loved by gardeners

• Boosts blooms, feeds foliage & develops fruit.

• Boosted with extra Iron (Fe).

• Nutrients absorbed by plants faster.

• Brilliant quick results.

• Australian made – Professional formula.

Searles Flourish Plant Food Liquid Fertiliser in  Australia #abo

3 Easy steps to flourishing plants

Step 1. Measure required rate of Searles Flourish® in cap provided.

Step 2.  Add to watering can or hose applicator.

Step 3. Dilute with water as per box directions.

For fast results, apply fertiliser solution to foliage just as you would when watering normally and to promote continue flowering water plants with Searles Flourish every fortnight.

Flourish Range Liquid Plant Food Fertiliser.indd

Searles Flourish is also available in soluble form.

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