Searles Seed Raising Specialty Mix

Nothing is more exciting or fulfilling then nurturing a seed into a plant and we recommend you use Searles Seed Raising Specialty Mix for best germination results.

About Searles Seed Raising Specialty Mix:

• Certified AS 3743 for seedling mix.
• Contains high percentage of Peat Moss.
• Searles Penetraide® Re-wetting Granules.
• High germination performance.
• Contains fertilisers for up to transplanting (approx. two-leaf stage).
• A light fine textured soft blend containing Peat Moss.
• Water absorbent formula.
• Excellent aeration properties for good root growth and establishment.
• Searles® quality guaranteed product.

What your local gardening experts say about Searles Seed Raising Specialty Mix

“My children love growing our vegetables from seed and I’ve found I get the best results when using Searles Seed Raising Mix. This mix is fantastic, you don’t need any additional fertilisers or plant foods to get your seedlings off to the best start and the mix has great water retention (but remember you do need to water regularly, keeping the mix damp, if the soil dries out the seeds won’t germinate). To make transplanting easier, my children sow our seeds in biodegradable materials (such as toilet rolls or newspaper pots), this also makes it easier for little fingers to handle the delicate seedlings when transplanting into the garden.”

Renee from GardenWay Home & Garden

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