SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid

If you love organic gardening products, than you can’t go past SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid.

The new formulas are more fluid and stable, lighter in colour with less odour making them easier to apply to vegetables, flowers, lawns and garden plants. 

Not only does SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid fertilise plants, but it also helps to resist insect and fungal attacks + assists in reducing plant shock when transplanting, giving your plants the best start in the garden.


Benefits of SeaMax® Fish & Kelp:
  • BFA Registered. 100% Organic
  • Fertilises plants
  • Boosts growth and flowering
  • Develops strong root and plant stem structure
  • It helps resist insect and fungal attacks
  • Assists in reducing plant stress, cold temperatures and heat stress
  • Strong, concentrated formula
  • Adds essential minerals and vitamins to assist healthy growth
  • NPK – 10.3  :   2.5   :  2.5
  • All SeaMax range is concentrated, allowing 1 Litre to make up to 200 Litres of ready-to-use fertiliser.


Including vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowering plants, cycads, indoor plants, ferns, palms, orchids, roses and lawns.


What your local gardening experts say about SeaMax® Organic Fertiliser Liquid:

It might well be called ‘the stinky stuff’ as it has a distinctive fragrance, but Searles SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid certainly gets the jobs done. The ‘fish’ helps with plant leaf growth and colour whilst the ‘kelp’ helps relieves stress and increases root growth. We use it fortnightly on all the beautiful plants in our shade house – one of the much commented on features of our nursery. Customers often ask how we manage to keep everything looking so healthy. And Fish & Kelp is one of our secrets.  So put on the clothes peg, and just spray, spray, spray – all over everything – they’ll love you for it! Mix with a little liquid potash for plants with coloured leaves or flowering things.”

Wendy from Wellington Point Nursery