Six (6) David Austin Scented Winter Roses

 Six (6) winter scented roses by david austin about the garden magazine

David Austin Roses are best described as ‘New Roses in the Old Tradition’. They combine the perfume, variety and charm of old fashioned roses with the recurrent flowering qualities and wider colour range of modern roses. The majority have strong, bushy shapes and can be grown amongst many other garden shrubs.

The newer forms of David Austin Roses have been bred with disease resistance in mind. Some varieties grow quite tall under Australian conditions and are wonderful if grown as ‘Pillar Roses’, ie. small climbers. They also look quite stunning if trained to grow on a fence, lattice or verandah post. Here are some of the best for warm climates. 

six scented roses for winter colour gardens winter flower garden about the garden

The Alnwick Rose

Pretty, cup shaped flowers of soft pink are paler at the outer edges and gradually broaden and widen as flowers age. The flowers are beautiful at all stages with this classic ‘Old Rose’ style rose. This hardy bush (1.2mW x 75cmH) has rounded, bushy growth and flowers intermittently from early summer until winter. Plentiful green foliage complements the lowers. This rose has a strong, Old Rose fragrance with just a hint of raspberry. Named after the superb Alnwick garden in Northumberland. 

Sophy’s Rose (Auslot) 

This hardy beauty stays short in warm climates and has excellent repeat flowering. Its rosette shaped flowers have an attractive, light red colouring which combines well with most colour schemes. This is a very floriferous rose; great in garden beds and towards the front of borders. Blooms have a light, tea fragrance. The growth is healthy and bushy (90cmW x 75cmH) with beautiful, elongated foliage.

Jubilee Celebration

One of the finest roses available, this rose has large, domed flowers in rich, salmon pink with tints of gold on the undersides of the petals. Each bloom is elegantly held above the foliage and flowers are produced with exceptional continuity, despite their large size. Growth is vigorous, building up to a fine, very healthy shrub (1.2m x 1.2m). This is a good one to have close to the front of gardens as it has a very strong and delicious, fruity rose scent with hints of raspberry and fresh lemon. Named in commemoration of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Pat Austin

This rose is unsurpassed for outstanding colour and repeat flowering. Named after David Austin’s wife, it is a distinctive copper colour which is stronger on the inside of the petals and paler and yellower on the outer sides. The blooms are large and deeply cupped, so contrasting colours can be seen between the two sides of the petals, giving a most attractive effect. The fragrance is strong and tea-scented with a warm, sensuous background. The bush is hardy and reaching 1.2mW x 1mH, it can be grown as a medium shrub or short climber. Highly recommended.


One of the most free flowering and reliable of all the Austin Roses, the growth is quite upright on a medium shrub (90cmW x 60cmH) and so is a particularly  good choice for a formal bed or as a border. It flowers with exceptional freedom and continuity, has even, upright growth and little or no disease. The flowers are a rich yellow, sometimes tinged with orange at first, with a lovely tea fragrance with a musky background. Winner of a Gold Medal, the President’s Trophy for the ‘Best New Rose of the Year’ and the Henry Edland Medal for the ‘Best Scented Rose’, at the Royal National Rose Society Trials.

The Mayflower®

This delightful rose is particularly Old Rose in character. It flowers continuously and is completely healthy. It forms a small shrub bearing charming, medium sized, typically Old Rose flowers of deep, rose pink. Its unique feature is that it is, so far as we know, completely resistant to blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. While it seldom produces masses of blooms at any one time, it does flower with a regularity rarely found in any other rose and is hardly ever without flowers. The growth is bushy and unusually full on a medium shrub (1.2mW x 90cmH) with small, matt green foliage. Its blooms have a strong, old rose fragrance. An excellent variety to place towards the front of the border so its fragrance can be best enjoyed. Very tough and hardy.

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