Six (6) Garden Gift Ideas for Practical Mum’s

Six garden gift ideas for practical mums

If you always struggle to come up with a unique gift idea for Mother’s Day, here are our top six (6) gardening gifts for practical mum’s:

1. Potted fruit tree

It’s actually surprising how many dwarf fruit tree varieties are available at your local gardening expert.  Depending on your temperate zone in Australia you can pot lemons, fig, apples, mulberry, limes and mango. Make sure you speak with your nursery person before purchase to ensure your purchasing the right plant for the job, they can probably assist you with potting up too or even delivery!

Here are two articles that you might find useful:

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2. Garden Wear 

We all know how important it is to cover up when working outside and of course garden enthusiasts require additional ‘resources’, such as gumboots and garden gloves, to get the job done. There are some fabulous options available if you’re looking for something pretty.

Here are some garden wear ideas:

Capeline Sun Hat for Mothers Day

– Wide brim hat: we love this collection by Genison Style  available through most gardening experts or buy online from Jash Living.

–  Gum boots: black is out and colour is in! Gumboots are now available in lots of colours and prints, styles too are diverse with everything from ‘sliders’, ‘ankle’ to ‘full leg’ depending on what your mum prefers. ‘Gummies’ by Annabelle Trents is a popular brand stocked by garden centres.

 Garden Gloves for Mothers Day

– Garden Gloves: Searles Garden Products has a lovely selection of garden glove colours, your local gardening expert might also have gloves with floral prints.

3. Harvest Basket

Having a basket or bucket is really handy when your out in the garden picking flowers or harvesting produce. Look for something with a nice big handle, that’s well made, the last thing mum will want is her much loved peaches bruised on the floor!

4. Living Colour

Flowers and Mother’s Day just goes hand-in-hand, but rather then purchasing a bouquet from the florist, why not purchase her a living bouquet that will last for weeks……. Best of all, she might get a flower display more than once! 

Autumn Flowers  ten living flowers for Mum on Mother's Day

Ten (10) Living Colour Bouquets for Mother’s Day:

1. Orchids
2. Cyclamen
3. Chrysanthumums
4. Lavender
5. Daisies
6. Camellias
7. Bonsai Bougainvillea
8. African Violets
9. Tibouchina
10. Begonia

 5. Indoor Plants

Adding plants to indoor spaces not only lifts a space visually, but research shows that indoor plants reduce stress and negative mood states in an office environment by 60%. Can you imagine what an indoor plant will do for mum!

Here are two articles that you might find useful when deciding  on an indoor plant:

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 6. Garden Decor

Whether it’s a bird bath, wall hanging, water feature, sculpture, wind chimes or bench,  it’s always exciting to add something new to the garden. If your unsure what to purchase, snap a photo of your mum’s garden and take it into a garden centre with you. This will assist nursery staff greatly in picking a garden decor item which fits with your mum’s garden theme and style.

Six garden gift for her mothers day

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