Spring garden pests to control

Garden Pests and bugs in spring in Australia #aboutthegardenmaga
After being dormant in winter, many garden pests and bugs are on the move in spring. Here are six common garden pests to control. 

Bronze orange bug

Watch out for these brightly coloured orange bugs on citrus trees and flowers. They suck the sap from young stems and damage new growth. They give off a bad smelling substance when threatened so its best to spray them with Searles Conguard to control their numbers.

Azalea lace bug

Azalea lace bug (Stephanitis pyrioides) affects azaleas and rhododendrons. These tiny insects feed on the plant’s sap, causing unsightly mottling. In severe cases, it causes leaf-drop or death of the plant. Check for early signs of it on the undersides of leaves in spring and control it with Searles Conguard.

Mealy bug

These small, fuzzy, white insects distort new growth by sucking on the plants sap and the females excretions cover leaves with a sticky honey-like substance that attracts ants which in turn provides the right conditions for sooty mould.

Watch out for these insects on citrus, roses, indoor and outdoor ornamentals with the onset of warm weather. Control infestations with Searles Pest Gun. Repeat spray may be necessary.

Citrus leaf miner

Citrus leaf miner (Phyllocnistis citrella) tunnels through the young leaves of citrus trees which creates silvery lines. Finally, it curls the leaf into a shelter and pupates within. This can severely distort the leaves, but mature trees are not likely to be seriously damaged. To protect young trees, spray new growth thoroughly with Searles Pest Gun

Snails & slugs

You will mostly see these slimy creatures early morning or at night. Control with Searles Snail & Slug pellets. These pellets have a pet and children taste deterrent. 

Two-spotted mite

Two-spotted mite (Tetranychus urticae) affects ornamentals, fruit trees and some vegetables. Affected leaves have a mottled appearance or can be bronzed or shrivelled. Leave them to natural predators, but if the problem is severe, spray Searles Rose Pro.

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