Successful seedling growth

Once you have brought home your seedlings to plant, here are some tips to ensure successful growth to maturity.

Seedlings grow quickly and will outgrow their pot and the starter soil they were planted in, so transplant seedlings into their final location within a day or two after purchasing.

When gardening and using soil products, always read the health warning and adhere to the PPE guidelines on the packaging for your personal safety. When transplanting seedlings wear gloves and a face mask and after gardening, wash hands thoroughly.

Prepare the soil before planting by creating a hole for the seedlings to be placed in. When removing the seedlings from the pot or seedlings tray, gently squeeze the pot multiple times to loosen the soil away from the pot edges. To remove the seedling, place your fingertips at the base of the plant near the roots and gently pull plant and attached soil from the pot. Place seedlings to prepared hole and gently backfill, being careful to tamp down the soil firmly without squashing the plant’s roots.

Always water your seedlings after planting and keep the soil slightly moist until the plant is established in its new position. Applying half strength dilution of SeaMax Organic Fertiliser at planting time will ensure they have the right nutrients for root establishment and continued growth while settling in.

Protect seedlings from birds, snails and slugs, which love tender shoots, with cloches, cloth covers or snail pellets until they are established and have started to grow bigger. Shade covers will protect seedlings from extremes of temperatures also.

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