Terrarium Plant Care

Terrariums are a wonderful way to bring a mini garden indoors. Terrariums are low maintenance gardens that provide their own microclimate in a bowl. There are two types – closed and open terrariums.

Ideal plants to use are small succulents and indoor foliage plants. Succulents are heartier than most foliage indoor plants & require less watering.

Terrarium plant care

• Lightly water plant and soil once to twice a week (dependent on season, location of plant or the species selected) with a spray bottle of demineralised water (available at supermarkets). Be careful not to let water pool at the bottom of the terrarium.

• For closed terrariums you can water less because they create their own microclimate. If you can see condensation in your enclosed terrarium you do not need to water. Remove the lid for a day once every fortnight to air out and clean the sides of the terrarium.

• Position terrarium away from direct sunlight and heaters. Succulents require a well lit position compared with foliage plants that can tolerate a little less light.

• Regularly prune plants to keep their shape in the terrarium. Remove dead leaves and rogue new growth.


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