The Organised Housewife

If you’ve ever wanted to be a little more organised, de-clutter your spaces or even just try some amazingly affordable cleaning tips, then you will love Katrina from The Organised Housewife.

Katrina describes herself as:

 “a wife to a wonderful and supportive man as well as a mother of 3 children Mr and Miss 10 twins and Miss 8. I live on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  I wasn’t always as organised as I am today, I’ve had my share of struggles and melt downs, as all mothers tend to do, but going through that helped me to adapt routines to help keep the house under control.” read more about Katrina….

In 2013, About the Garden magazine was delighted to assist Katrina with a really special gardening project, not only did she transform her outdoor living space into a beautiful oasis, but she paid tribute to a special person in her life, her Mum. It’s a story that touched our little garden hearts and About the Garden, with the support of Searles Garden Projects, stepped up to assist the one and only Organised Housewife.

Here’s what Katrina did; From Sandpit to Beautiful Garden.


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