Three (3) Lawn Alternatives for Garden Spaces

Forget traditional grass lawns, these three plants are the ideal lawn alternatives for garden spaces.

1. Zoysia tenuifolia (NO MOW GRASS!)

This finely-textured perennial grass forms low, dense clumps and won’t grow long.

Great for: Lawns, embankments, between pavers and in pots.

Position: Plant in a warm position in well drained sandy soil. Plant in frost free areas.

Care: Little maintenance required although it is slow growing so may need regular weeding while establishing to make sure weeds or other grasses don’t outgrow and smother it. Dislikes foot traffic. No need to mow.


2. Native Violet (Viola hederacea)

Native Violet is a creeping perennial, excellent for planting in shaded areas of your lawn, where grass is hard to grow. The leaves blend well with other grasses and can tolerate a little wear and tear. Can be mowed.

Size: Grows 10cm tall.

Great for: Moist, shaded areas in lawns, between pavers and around steps where it will not have a lot of direct foot traffic.

3. Dichondra ‘Falls’ (Dichondra repens)

This stunning, easy-to-grow trailing plant or ground cover has small, kidney-shaped leaves that are silvery-green in colour. The foliage will add contrasting colour and texture to surrounding plants and looks striking trailing over a wall or from a hanging basket.

Size: A ground-hugging trailing plant or ground-cover which spreads to 1 metre.

Great for: Garden beds, embankments, low traffic lawns and hanging baskets.

Position: Plant in a warm position in full sun or light shade. Likes good drainage.

Care: Heat tolerant. Give it an infrequent, deep watering.

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