Tips for exteriors of houses: Kerb Appeal

 Tips for exteriors of houses- Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is all about how your house looks from the outside. Too often the front garden can go unloved and under maintained, which is crazy when you think that the front of your home is all that the large majority of people will ever see. Sprucing up your home and adding kerb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive or take a long time. Simple things like cutting the grass and pruning the plants can go a long way to making your home stand out.

When you look at magazine photos of the perfect house you’ll always notice that they have a gorgeous, deep green lawn. How often do you really see that on your street? Most people have no clue how to make their grass greener and suffer with yellow tinged blades of grass that are screaming for attention.

  1. You need to stop shaving your grass, you’re cutting it not balding it! Set the blades on your mower to one of the highest settings. Taller grass will be able to absorb more sunlight and promote growth, as well as preventing light from reaching the soil which will help to reduce weed growth. Healthy grass is good looking grass, remember that.
  1. If you’ve ever been confused about which lawn fertiliser to buy then you’re definitely not alone. With such a huge variety of brands and products out there it can be hard to decipher what you actually need to buy, and what’s just marketing. A fertiliser that contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. These are crucial nutrients that your grass needs to promote growth and stay healthy. Go to a local garden retailer and describe what your lawn is like, they’ll be able to suggest the best fertiliser for your area. 
  1. How and when you should water your lawn is a topic that is highly debated by gardening professionals. Gardenaholic suggests that you water deeply once every 5 days instead of watering frequently but lighter. The reason for this is that deep watering forces the grass to grow downwards to reach the water which promotes a strong root structure.
  1. Getting your garden beds and plants into shape is crucial to adding kerb appeal and having a home that others are jealous of. The little things really do matter, so washing down your brick or stone borders can make a huge difference.
  1. While you don’t have to prune your plants into intricate designs it is a good idea to keep them looking maintained. Pruning your plants shouldn’t take more than half an hour for an average sized garden but can give the impression of a much greater time investment. 
  1. Make sure that you’re not only removing weeds but actively preventing them. You can do this by adding a protective layer like black sheeting or an old cloth sheet around your plants before adding mulch. This will prevent the weeds from getting any sunlight.

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