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Flower arranging isn’t all about putting flowers in a vase full of water! If you are looking for some blossom-filled, attention getting floral arrangement, you know there’s more to it than that. If you’ve ever tried to make your own flower arrangement, you’d know many of the things you need to do to make a neat and long-lasting arrangement. Here are a few tips for that visually stimulating floral arrangement. By following the tips given below, you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning display. 

#1. Choose flowers with flair:

Have a mix of large, medium and small-sized flowers. To your container, first add large flowers. Turn the arrangement as you keep adding in flowers so that you’re sure that the arrangement is consistently even. In the centre, have small and light flowers. Leave sufficient space between stems so that each flower has its own space to shine in. Choose flowers of various lengths, shapes and colours. 


#2. Check the height:

Ensure that your bouquet is one and a half times taller than your container. This isn’t necessary for shorter arrangements.



#3. Make your arrangements on a bar-height table:

It’s good to make your arrangement at eye level. This will give you a good view of it and you can watch it develop from all angles.


#4. Use a grid for better support:

For arrangements in a wide-mouthed vase, you can hold up the flowers better if you have a grid. Make this using cello tape. The tape will hold the flowers and overall the arrangement will hold well. Before you begin, ensure that the vase is full of water and that its rim is dry. This works well for large and wide-mouthed vases.


#5. Floating flowers are fun:

If you want a dignified centrepiece, try an arrangement with floating flowers. Just so that your flowers don’t sink to the bottom of the bowl, use bubble wrap to skirt each flower below its head. This will look like each flower has a skirt for itself. This will be different, pretty and functional.


#6. Take your arrangements long distance:

Before you can transport your arrangements, slip a balloon over the tap and let it fill with a little water. Then, cover the stems of your flowers with the balloon and tie them with a rubber band. They will stay fresh while you reach your venue.


Yet another form of creative expression, flower arranging is as personal as you want to make it. So, go ahead and express yourself any way you wish with different flowers, containers and tools. Think outside the box and vary your arrangements for colour, size and overall effect.


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