Tips To Preparing Your Garden For Winter

 Tips To Preparing Your Garden For Winter about the garden magazine

With winter almost upon us and temperatures starting to drop, it’s time to consider what our gardens will need to help prepare them for the frosty mornings and rainy days. Preparing your garden for winter is relatively straightforward and will mean that you have the best chance of enjoying thriving blooms come spring. Here are a few tips you can tackle this weekend.

Topping up mulch

Over the cooler months, activity in your garden may appear to have all but stopped, however there will still be a lot happening underground. Plants, bulbs, trees and shrubs all have growing roots, which continue to draw upon soil nutrients. It is a good idea to replenish the mulch that you may have applied over summer. Whilst it does help keep the soil warm, more importantly it helps to keep temperatures even.

Lawn maintenance

It’s a great idea to rejuvenate your lawn too, to prepare for the cooler months and here are a couple of good tips to consider. Aerating your grass helps to improve drainage and ensure winter rains can penetrate to the roots. Overtime turf can become compacted so by using prongs of a garden fork, which you can purchase online second hand if you don’t own one, are one easy way to make deep holes across your entire lawn.

Give your lawn a good feed after aerating too, so that it can establish itself before next summer and nutrients are circulated well within the soil.

Maintain garden equipment

Before you pack your lawn mower and gardening tools into the shed, consider giving them a ‘spring clean’ to ensure that they are in perfect condition for when you next need them.

Get your shears and secateurs sharpened, wash your shovels and garden forks and thoroughly dry them to prevent rust. Brush off grass trimmings from under your mower and give it a good clean too.

Add a splash of colour

Don’t let dreary winter days void your garden of visible life. It’s the perfect time to add a splash of colour to garden beds and hanging pots. Pansies and violas are perfect flowers that flourish in cooler temperatures and help to brighten your backyard or patio. It’s always a good idea to chat to your local nursery to see what’s most appropriate for your area too.

By cleaning up your yard and giving your garden some special attention, it will be more able to cope during the winter months and be raring to delight you with new growth when warmer temperatures arrive.

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