Top 10 summer scented flowers

A beautiful garden can tantalise all of the senses, but fragrance is an often underrated pleasure. To step outside on a summer’s day and be flooded with the delightful fragrance of some of these beauties can be truly heavenly.

Gardenia Gardenia spp.summer.

Gardenias are available in many forms, ranging from miniatures and groundcovers to large shrubs. Common to all gardenias are their beautiful and wonderfully fragrant flowers.

Varieties: Gardenia ‘Florida’ (Gardenia augusta) produces masses of flowers and is usually easy to find in garden centres. Gardenia ‘True Love’® has large flowers and is more resistant to pests.
Size: 1m to 1.5m tall.
Great for: Pots, ground covers and gardens.
Flowering: Summer to Winter.
Position: Plant in well drained position in semi shade to full sun. Gardenias flourish in soils with a pH ranging from acid to most neutral.
Care: Prune once a year and fertilise with Searles Flourish Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia as directed.

Top 10 Summer Scented Flowers

Madagascar Jasmine Stephanotis floribunda

This lovely climber bears succulent evergreen leaves and white, delightfully fragrant blossoms all summer.

Great for: growing on a wall, trellis or frame as a climber. Can also be planted in pots.
Flowering: spring and summer.
Position: Needs a warm, sunny position. Will grow pretty well throughout Australia. In cooler climates, position them so they get as much winter warmth as possible.
Care: Prefers soil with rich compost, good drainage and some moisture. Searles Garden Soil Mix is ideal. Do not let the soil dry out during summer.

Other perfumed Jasmines:

– Chinese Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)
–  Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) and Star Jasmine (Jasminum nitidum) produce flowers for most of the year.
– Chilean Jasmine (Mandevilla laxa). Great deciduous climber for cooler climates.

Heliotrope ‘Cherry Pie’ Heliotrope arborescens

This small, evergreen shrub bears clusters of small purple flowers with a very strong, deliciously vanilla fragrance

Size: About 1m tall with a rounded, bushy, somewhat ground-hugging habit.
Great for: Makes a delightful informal hedge. Great for cottage or tropical style gardens
Flowering: Spring and summer.
Position: Full sun to semi- shade in well-drained soil.
Care: Mulch well and keep moist during dry weather. Prune in early spring to promote bushiness. Apply Searles Robust Plus in late winter and summer.

Lemon-scented Myrtle Backhousia citriodora

The leaves of this gorgeous rainforest tree produce a delicious, lemon scent when crushed.

Size: 3–8m high. Some specimens can grow taller.
Great for: Screening or stand alone plant. Can also be kept indoors as a pot plant.
Flowering: December to March.
Position: Likes sub tropical conditions. Plant in well drained soil and protect from severe frost.
Care: Little maintenance is required. Fertilise once a year with Searles Native Plant Food.
Did you know: Lemon myrtle leaves are
used in seafood and poultry cuisine and aromatherapy products.

Native Frangipani


Want more scented flowers for the garden?

–  scented roses are always a favourite. Look out for these highly perfumed, summer flowering roses in garden centres now: ‘Black Velvet’, ‘Fragrant Cloud’, ‘Perfumed Delight’, ‘Radox Bouquet’, ‘Seduction’, ‘Lili Marlene’, ‘Queen Elizabeth’, ‘Friesa’ and ‘Whisky’.

–       Port Wine Magnolia (Michelia figo)

–       Native Frangipani

–      Brunfelsia latifolia


Fabulous Frangipani St Patricks Sweet Pea

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