Top Ten (10) Tips for Growing Roses from David Austin Roses

by Michael Marriott of David Austin Roses

  1. Careful choice of varieties – is fragrance important; health; shape of flower; shape and size of plant?
  2. Wise choice of planting position – roses do not like too much competition at the roots and all like at least a few hours of sun a day, especially in the morning.
  3. Thorough soil preparation – mix in plenty of organic matter before planting (About the Garden recommends organic Searles Garden Soil).
  4. Good watering – roses will stay healthier, grow more strongly and flower more freely if they are watered regularly and deeply.
  5. Regular feeding – repeat flowering roses are hungry feeders; the organically based fertilisers are the best (About the Garden recommends the organic range from Searles Garden Products).
  6. Mulch well – help to conserve moisture, keep the roots cool and feed the soil and hence the roses.
  7. If diseases are a problem, spray before symptoms arrive in the spring (more on Natural Rose Care Treatments).
  8. Dead head regularly except those that set hips.
  9. When pruning be sure to cut out dead, diseased and, very importantly, old growth.
  10. Look at your roses regularly both to appreciate their beauty and to spot any potential problems. Spring Rose Care Tips 6 David Austin Winter Scented Roses

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