Treating humidity and fungal issues in the garden

A plant in good health can withstand pests and diseases far more efficiently than a struggling plant. When a plant is stressed, it may succumb to the pest and disease far quicker, and the issues may be more severe and harder to treat.

Fungal issues usually have certain prevalent precursors before the fungal problems are evident. Fungal disease generally needs moist, shady areas and worsens in high humidity or extended rain periods.

Best practices in these times are not to water the plant leaves but to control the water flow so that it hits the soil. Old leaves that have succumbed to any issues and have fallen off should be collected, bagged, and binned so that they do not reinfect other leaves.  Do not compost infected material, as this is spreading the problem, which can lead to the recurrence of the fungal issue. Treat the plant’s leaf and soil with a fish and seaweed solution, Seamax Liquid Organic Fertiliser. This will boost plant health to build resistance to diseases. Some fungal spores can live dormant for up to three months, so it is not a one-off application and so reapply fortnightly.

When it comes to fungicide sprays, it is imperative that you identify the issue and use a fungicide that treats that specific fungus. Different fungicides treat different issues, so read the back of the packet and make sure it mentions the plants you are treating, as well as the actual fungal issues. Find out which Searles fungicide product you need to treat your fungal problem – Searles Fungicide Range. Repeat spraying is often the best practice to treat any remaining fungus missed the first time. Also, treat the spores on the soil around the plant (the next generation of the fungi).

Sometimes, fungal issues happen, but following best practices and keeping the plant in the greatest health will minimise damage. In times of high humidity, be aware of the prevalence of fungal problems and alter watering practices. A plant in the best possible health will weather what the seasons bring.

Common fungal problems:
powdery mildew
black spot
petal blight


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