What You Need to Know before Building a Garden Shed

 Building a garden shed what you need to know

Most people that have ever done any gardening know how convenient and even essential it is to have a garden shed – you can comfortably store everything that you might need when you’re working in your yard.

And although at first sight building one might seem to be a pretty simple task, when folks actually decide it’s time to do it they soon see that it’s a much more difficult task than they thought. It’s more than just putting a few wood planks and nailing them together – the building process requires thorough planning and work in order to be a success.

So here are the most important things that anyone who’s planning to build a shed should consider:

Space Requirements

Even before you had the idea to build a garden shed, you probably were already thinking about where you could put all that gardening equipment, so when you do decide that you need a shed you have to make an approximate list of how much space you will need to store everything.

When you figure out a rough estimate, make sure you double or even triple the space of the shed – you can be absolutely sure that if not immediately, than over time you will need much more space than you initially thought so if you don’t want to have to tear down the old shed to build a new, bigger one, then you better plan ahead. 


Another important aspect is figuring out where on your property will it be best to build the shed – you don’t want it to be in a place that will stand out too much because, after all, it’s a shed and you have other things in your garden you want to feature; but at the same time you don’t want to place it somewhere too far so that you’d have to take a trip every time you need something or when you want to put your gardening stuff back.

Perhaps there’s a corner not too far where you could put it, or an empty area where it would be convenient to have a shed – it really varies from property to property, but simply thinking about where it would fit better will usually give you the answer.

Complexity of Project

Now before you get overly excited and jump at the first opportunity to start building, you should really take a step back and plan everything out – figure out how much money are you willing to spend on the project, make a list of all the materials and tools you will need to complete it and how much time will it potentially take to build.

Also, and even more importantly, you need to honestly evaluate if you have the necessary know-how and experience to take on such a project by yourself – there are many different types of garden shed options available, so you need to make sure that you’re not being overly ambitious because that will simply lead to an unfinished job.

If you’re not sure about anything, remember that you can always consult with someone – whether that would be a handy friend, a salesperson at the materials store or a building professional.

Author bio:

This article was written and provided by Jeremy – who works with All Sheds. Founded in Shepparton in 1983 as a family owned and operated sheds building company.

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