White flowering plants in Winter

Bring a sea of white to your winter garden. 

Ozothamnus ‘Australian Rice Flower’

Ozothamnus ‘Winter White’ comes into full blush with large heads of pure white buds and flowers in winter through to spring. This compact Aussie native is easy to grow in a sheltered, sunny position in most well drained soils. For use in floral arrangements cut the stems when the plant is in full bud before the flowers open. To dry the flower heads, keep in a cool dark place until dried. Do not place in water. Rice flowers are perfect for use in floral arrangements. Look out for the pink form Ozothamnus ‘Just Blush’.


Perfect shade tree bearing large white flowers during autumn to spring and glossy, dark leaves that develop red tips in winter. Slow growing. Plant in Searles Azalea & Camellia Specialty Mix.

Leptospermum ‘Cardwell’

This is a weeping shrub up to 2m tall that will light up the garden in late winter and spring when it becomes covered in white flowers. It flowers well in full sun or part shade, but does best in part shade. Give it a well-drained soil and water during very hot, dry weather. Tip prune to encourage bountiful blooms. This is one of the most spectacular of the Australian native tea trees and also tolerates frost well.

Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’

This close relative of the poinsettia, flowers all year round and is excellent for creating highlights against other garden flowers or foliage with its profuse, white blooms. Like the poinsettia, the blooms are actually not flowers, but bracts. Growing into a mound-shaped bush about 1m x 1m, it can be pruned if desired, during the warm months. Plant it in full sun for best flowering. It requires little water once established.

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