Winter Grass Weed – How to Kill Weeds in Winter

clover and most lawn grass weeds need to be treated in winter

Winter is the ideal time to kill off various grass weed in your lawn before it reaches maturity and seeds.

One grass weed produces 100,000 seeds!

Did you know, fleabane is a problematic weed that spreads rapidly when left to seed, with one mature plant can produce over 100,000 seeds!


How to Kill Weeds in Winter

As a rule, it’s best to get onto grass and lawn weed control during winter. But before you start just ‘killing stuff’ you need to research what your grass or lawn type is, as many lawn care products can do more harm then good if used incorrectly. If you’ve had your yard re-turfed recently, you probably know off hand what your grass/lawn variety is (for instance; Buffalo, Qld Blue Couch and Kikuyu to name a few). However, if you have an older yard, you may have no idea or even have what looks like grass variety ‘pot luck’ in the back yard.

To help those that are not ‘Garden Guru’s’ and require a little guidance with selecting the best product to kill weeds in winter, Searles Garden Products has developed the very helpful Searles Lawn Care Guide. Not only does this publication provide tips on identifying your grass/lawn variety, it also has a detailed guide on what products are right for you for the particular weed problem you are having.


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